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How To Stream For Free With OBS On Twitch tv

Hey guys peacemaker here bringing you a video on how to stream for free with OBS on completely free no cost. I just want to put a video out there on how to do this try to be helpful for those people struggling to figure out how to do this for free and for the people starting to stream. I go through all the basics of OBS it really simple once you get the hang of it but i hope this helped and questions feel free to comment on the youtube and thanks for watching!! If you want to check me out on my twitch you can i stream my twitch is Thanks PeaceMaker124.

Link To OBS –
I will be providing links to other streaming programs below but keep in mind that they are not comepletly free.
Xplit –
FFSplit –
If you want to check me out on twitch here is the link to my channel